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Case Study

Downer Professional Services Negates Insider Cyber Threats to Secure, Assure and Defend ICT Networks

Nov 1, 2023 • 1 min read

Client Overview

Our client is a major Federal Government department which operates one of the largest and most complex ICT networks in Australia. Operating across multiple security domains, the client maintains over 134,000 workstations, 8,400 servers and 3,000 applications in support of over 133,000 users. This network is critical to the operations and business elements of the department.

Client’s Challenge

The primary challenge facing our client’s ICT network is the extensive volume of information, data and access points that must be safeguarded against insider threats. With a network and workforce of such magnitude, the potential for insider threats is significant. This multifaceted challenge encompasses:

  • Diverse Attack Vectors: Insider threats can manifest in various forms, including unauthorised data access, credential misuse and attempts to bypass security protocols. The complexity of the network amplifies this challenge.
  • Data Sensitivity: The client network handles highly sensitive data, making its protection paramount.
  • Network Complexity: Our client operates multiple networks, adding to the complexity of monitoring and securing each component effectively.
  • Human Elements: Balancing security with usability is complex, as insider threats can be malicious, negligent, and unintentional.
  • Policy and Legislation: Rapid adoption of new technologies, and the evolving threat landscape can expose legislative and regulatory documents that govern security controls to emerging threats.
  • Timely Detection: Swiftly identifying insider threats within the vast volume of data is vital to prevent disruptions and breaches.
  • Resource Constraints: Despite a substantial workforce, allocating resources effectively to address insider threats is demanding.

Addressing the Challenge

In partnership with Downer Professional Services, our client has embarked on a multifaceted journey to fortify its ICT network against the intricate challenge of insider threats. Leveraging Downer Professional Services' extensive expertise, the solution encompasses a holistic approach to security.

Downer's team of experts, armed with advanced security monitoring and analysis tools, has instituted a vigilant watch over the client’s ICT network. This continuous surveillance, coupled with state-of-the-art security incident response procedures, ensures that any anomalies or threats are detected and addressed in real-time, minimising potential damage.

Regular vulnerability and risk assessments have been conducted to identify potential weak points within the network. This proactive risk mitigation strategy ensures that vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated before they can be exploited by insiders with harmful intent.

In the realm of compliance management, we have meticulously overseen the network's adherence to rigorous regulatory standards, preserving data integrity and operational compliance.

Tailored security policies have been developed in collaboration with the client to instill a culture of security consciousness and compliance among the workforces. This strategic emphasis on behaviour and policy is pivotal in creating a comprehensive security shield.

Real-time threat intelligence has empowered the client’s ICT network to remain vigilant in the face of evolving threats. This up-to-the-minute awareness is pivotal in ensuring preparedness and response.

The security architecture of the network has been redesigned, adding multiple layers of protection to shield against breaches and vulnerabilities. Identity and access management have been bolstered, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive data and resources. Our expert consultants have also provided ongoing guidance, supporting network security measures at all levels.

Key Results

The collaborative efforts of Downer Professional Services and our client have ushered in a superior level of security and resilience within their organisation.

Enhanced security measures have significantly reduced the network's vulnerability to insider threats. By leveraging Downer's comprehensive offerings, the client's ICT network is now fortified against a broad spectrum of potential threats.

The network's resilience is more pronounced, supported by proactive measures and a robust incident response capability. This newfound resilience ensures that the network can withstand potential security incidents while maintaining operational continuity.

The integration of these security measures has streamlined network operations, making them more efficient. As a result, the client can maintain its data integrity, protect sensitive information, and fulfill their mission more effectively.

In conclusion, the strategic collaboration between Downer Professional Services and our client has not only fortified the security posture of their network but also stands as a cornerstone in safeguarding critical data and operations.