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Case Study

Managing your services so you can get on with your core business

Aug 6, 2023 • 1 min read


Downer Professional Services' Operations Centre and dedicated team provide a fully managed service for your applications, enhanced operational performance and data management. 

The team deliver a range of specialised functions that support the critical business functions for their client. Services included but not limited to are: 

  • Complete Service Management suite, including Incident, Problem and Change Management; 
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance; 
  • Full solution monitoring, problem detection and analytical reporting; 
  • Security focused design; 
  • Customer experience call centre; 
  • Automation workflows error monitoring and reporting/ anomalies; and 
  • Incident trend analysis using predictive analytics. 

The service currently supports the operations of a number of large organisations, such as payroll, human resources and recruitment, master data management.  

Downer will work you to identify opportunities to improve, enhance and optimise both your operations and our service. 

What we do for you

You can benefit by having access to a professional team providing:

  • Implementation and initiation of responses to incidents 
  • Security threat assessments and analytical information 
  • Both proactive and reactive investigation services 
  • Multi-tiered support team 
  • 24/7 technical support 
  • End-to-end focus on continued operation of business, systems and process delivery 

The service allows to rapidly implement technology and see an immediate return on investment without having to invest in IT Subject matter experts, support teams and costly infrastructure so you can focus on your core business and activities. 

In addition, you’ll improve risk management by having a dedicated team managing critical business functions.  

Downer’s dedicated operations team work with you to understand key business functions, with the commitment to improve the daily operations of business applications.

DPS will decrease your costs and provide streamlined services through our trends and predictive analytics. The operations team supports automation software, data analytics products on protected hosted environments as well as a range of applications for you.

Downer has an ongoing commitment to continual improvement and we build relationships and work with you to identify opportunities for optimisation of processes and tool functionalities.