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Engineering and Asset Management

About the service

The Engineering and Asset Management Service Line brings together exceptional engineering and asset management talents, capabilities, and experience.

Downer groups together subject matter experts working across different domains and agencies, and ensures best practice is always applied. Downer Professional Services' exceptional capabilities can help you develop, manage and assure your technical assets, services, systems and capabilities throughout their lifecycles.

Downer Professional Services has capabilities across every aspect of the System Engineering lifecycle. From Systems Engineering management plans all the way through to commissioned systems and then the sustainment thereof. In each of these areas we have skillsets ranging from junior Consultants through to industry leading Principal Consultants.

Downer Professional Services have thought leaders in the ILS and Asset management space who have participated and managed some extremely complex projects.

Through our Community of Practice in this space, we bring together these thought leaders and ensure Downer Professional Services is trusted by all who choose us to manage and deploy their valuable assets.

Service features

We can support you with:

We offer comprehensive support to companies in Australia for enhancing their engineering capabilities through customised training programs, mentoring, and knowledge transfer, empowering your workforce, and fostering technical excellence within your organisation.

Our experts collaborate closely with Australian companies to elicit, analyse, and prioritise their requirements, ensuring a clear understanding of project objectives and enabling the development of effective engineering solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.

With a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, we provide Australian companies access to our extensive expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence, loT, data analytics, and automation, enabling you to harness the latest advancements and maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

We provide comprehensive engineering management support to Australian companies, assisting you in planning, organising, and coordinating engineering activities to achieve project goals efficiently. Our expertise covers project planning, resource allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring, ensuring successful project delivery.

Through our rigorous test and evaluation processes, we ensure that engineering solutions developed by Australian companies meet quality standards and performance expectations. Our team conducts thorough testing, analysis, and validation to identify and rectify potential issues before implementation, ensuring reliable and high-performing solutions.

We offer logistics engineering expertise to companies in Australia, helping you optimise your supply chain, inventory management, and distribution processes. Our solutions encompass strategic planning, facility design, transportation optimisation, and warehouse management, enabling streamlined operations and optimising cost efficiencies.

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