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MSP Workstreams


Team Downer offers three distinct types of services to Defence.

Integrated Work Package (IWP) Services

Team Downer’s IWP services refers to the provision of larger, more complex and longer-term work for CASG Domains and Centres of Excellence. The IWPs have a greater strategic focus than Capability Partner Services (CPS) and represent an embedded approach where Team Downer provides significant resources for an entire project, or branch.

Strategic Partner Services (SPS)

SPS are different to the other two packages as they are primarily support activities that are not directly related to project acquisition and sustainment. They include things such as workforce planning and management, industry and supply chain development and management, workforce development, work package planning and development and other related tasks. It applies the same strategic approach to work that is found in the IWP, but to support services rather than project delivery.

Capability Partner Services (CPS)

Team Downer’s capability partner services are mostly engaged in CASG’s Centres of Excellence. In contrast to the IWPs, CPS’ are generally for shorter periods of time, and are related to specific tasks, with Team Downer providing an agreed annual level of effort; resources are mostly deployed in pre-and immediate post-Gate Zero tasks.

Team Downer ‘above the line’ services

Our Program Managers help organisations manage a range of different and inter-related projects that share a common goal or benefit. In this, Team Downer helps coordinate, organise and direct the projects and activities within a program, and to provide synergy, consistency and visibility to stakeholders. Team Downer Program Managers are strategic professionals who oversee and coordinate various projects, products and initiatives.

The discipline of Systems engineering is applied to open, physical systems that are human-made/modified from largely precedented elements and includes the associated processes, tools, and management practices. Team Downer draws on knowledge from various branches of engineering and science to introduce technological innovations into the planning and development stages of a system. Our Systems Engineers focus on designing, integrating and managing complex systems over their life cycles.

Team Downer’s engineers help organisations invent, design, analyse, build and test components through to complex systems, to fulfill functional objectives and outcomes. Our engineers are qualified in a range of disciplines from mechanical and electrical to chemical and systems engineering, to maximise the likelihood of a successful outcome. Through our partnerships with the Australian Institute of Engineering and edVirtus we leverage best practice to deliver solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Team Downer provides a complete ecosystem to ensure safe and efficient management of material for organisations during logistics operations.  This includes a cascade of sustainable practices that flow through supply chain networks, including the integration of suppliers. Our experts formulate fit for purpose end-to-end elements that can be appropriately applied to different circumstances.

Team Downer provides material and non-material procurement, contracting, commercial expertise and support across the procurement lifecycle. This includes strategic advice and guidance on the Commonwealth procurement framework and requirements on internal Defence processes and procedures.  We draft and review approval submissions in line with policy as well as build commercial awareness and acumen through upskilling.